An Iota of Progress in Resolving My Scrambled Blogs Problem. Or Perhaps Not.

I thought for a while this morning that I was seeing at least an iota of progress towards a resolution of my scrambled blogs problem, described in previous posts, keeping me from accessing my blog, After Aristotle (( But perhaps not.

Thus the following three items:

1. Today, December 15, 2014, having been waiting since December 12, I finally received an email from Kris in WordPress Support. It showed up in my email box at 10:01 a.m. EST, asking me a question. I answered at 10:16 a.m. EST and I have not yet, as of 7:46 p.m. EST, heard back from Kris with any response to my request that I be informed about any step taken. Not even an acknowledgement.

2. At about 12:30 p.m., plus or minus a quarter hour, I called a phone number which a Business Week web page had listed for Automattic, the parent company for WordPress. I was not given the opportunity to speak with a human being, but I did leave a message, including as directed my name, my telephone number, and my email address. I actually thought they wanted them in order to communicate with me. It seems I was wrong.

3. I sent a tweet to Konstantin Obenland, variously known as the “WordPress Coder” and the “Chairman of Height,” asking him to check out this blog to see just how messed up things are. I have seen no positive results yet, but neither has anything bad happened as a result. At least not yet.

Any suggestions?



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