Finding Humor in Database Corruption. A Second Note to Matt Mullenweg

Given all that has not happened in response to my efforts at regaining access to my blog, After Aristotle (see the several previous posts), I thought it advisable to send a second note to Matt Mullenweg. I did it in full recognition that it might make me appear to be impatient; well, here the appearance is reality.

The note has as its subject, “Finding Humor in Database Corruption.” It reads:

Hi, Matt.

You’ll find this really funny, starting from the title of the post, “A MAJOR CORRUPTION OF THE WORDPRESS DATABASE ASSOCIATED WITH MY BLOG, AFTER ARISTOTLE,” but continuing on through the message. You may even chortle at the name of this my latest blog, undertaken in desperation.

At least I chortled, even though I have paid good money, even if not much money, for better service.

Please ask someone at WordPress to communicate with me either via email or over the telephone, at xxx-xxx-xxxx. And ask them to be patient; it’s a mess.



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