My Access to After Aristotle Restored!

I have access to After Aristotle once more.

I have the impression that the difficulties faced by my “Happiness Engineer” were many and complex, just from observing how scrambled were the associations of the several email addresses, usernames, and blogs. He is to be congratulated for having fought his way through them. I do which, however, that he had communicated with me with less delay.

But I am a happy man. I have access.

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An Iota of Progress in Resolving My Scrambled Blogs Problem. Or Perhaps Not.

I thought for a while this morning that I was seeing at least an iota of progress towards a resolution of my scrambled blogs problem, described in previous posts, keeping me from accessing my blog, After Aristotle (( But perhaps not.

Thus the following three items:

1. Today, December 15, 2014, having been waiting since December 12, I finally received an email from Kris in WordPress Support. It showed up in my email box at 10:01 a.m. EST, asking me a question. I answered at 10:16 a.m. EST and I have not yet, as of 7:46 p.m. EST, heard back from Kris with any response to my request that I be informed about any step taken. Not even an acknowledgement.

2. At about 12:30 p.m., plus or minus a quarter hour, I called a phone number which a Business Week web page had listed for Automattic, the parent company for WordPress. I was not given the opportunity to speak with a human being, but I did leave a message, including as directed my name, my telephone number, and my email address. I actually thought they wanted them in order to communicate with me. It seems I was wrong.

3. I sent a tweet to Konstantin Obenland, variously known as the “WordPress Coder” and the “Chairman of Height,” asking him to check out this blog to see just how messed up things are. I have seen no positive results yet, but neither has anything bad happened as a result. At least not yet.

Any suggestions?


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Finding Humor in Database Corruption. A Second Note to Matt Mullenweg

Given all that has not happened in response to my efforts at regaining access to my blog, After Aristotle (see the several previous posts), I thought it advisable to send a second note to Matt Mullenweg. I did it in full recognition that it might make me appear to be impatient; well, here the appearance is reality.

The note has as its subject, “Finding Humor in Database Corruption.” It reads:

Hi, Matt.

You’ll find this really funny, starting from the title of the post, “A MAJOR CORRUPTION OF THE WORDPRESS DATABASE ASSOCIATED WITH MY BLOG, AFTER ARISTOTLE,” but continuing on through the message. You may even chortle at the name of this my latest blog, undertaken in desperation.

At least I chortled, even though I have paid good money, even if not much money, for better service.

Please ask someone at WordPress to communicate with me either via email or over the telephone, at xxx-xxx-xxxx. And ask them to be patient; it’s a mess.


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A Major Corruption of the WordPress Database Associated with My Blog, After Aristotle

There seems to be a major corruption of the WordPress database associated with my blog, After Aristotle ( The latest pieces of evidence that this is so include the following three items:

1. In response to an email coming to saying that I had requested having my password reset and identifying me using a username I have used with WordPress, I tried resetting my password.

In return, I got a box showing a different username, though one that I have also used with WordPress, and bearing the error message:

ERROR: The password you entered for the email or username richard.e.hennessey@gmail.comis incorrect.

In the exchange, WordPress changed both the email address and the username with which I started.

2. I have been dealing with this and related issues for some time now, e.g.: In a recent attempt at getting help from WordPress Support, I got an email from “gracejiyoung” taking note of the issue I raised and of the fact that “Kris” had taken it up; she said that Kris would take care of me. Kris did send me an email, but I never received a reply to the three messages I sent to him/her in reply. This is just one of the many ways I have been left hanging. As they say, don’t get me started.

3. I went back to WordPress Support ( In response to my submitting a request for help, WordPress Support flashed me a page on which I read:

Topic Closed

This topic has been closed to new replies.

and, under About This Topic:

Started 44 years ago by Anonymous

I kid you not.

Moreover, at the bottom of the page, WordPress Support identified the blog at the center of my difficulties as this one, which is simply not the case.

I freely admit to being, well, brilliant. But even I could never have made this up.

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Slow But Sure? Slow, at Least.

1. At about the same time, perhaps a few minutes earlier, as I posted my first post at Is Something Wrong at WordPress? I received a long-awaited reply from a “Happiness Engineer” at WordPress. It reads:

Hi Richard,

In order to regain access to your account, we’ll need one of the following things:

– The activation URL we emailed you when you signed up for

– A PayPal transaction ID for any upgrades purchased on the account:

We cannot provide the email address that any account is registered to for security reasons, but if you remember it and still have access to it you can reset your password here:

If you are unable to regain access to the account and it contains personal information, we may set the site to private at your request so that it can no longer be viewed.

You are always welcome to create a new account by signing up here:

Please let us know if you have any other questions.


Happiness Engineer

(I blanked out the name of the “Happiness Engineer.”)

2. That was some 23 hours ago. Since then I have sent three additional messages; in the first one, sent 25 minutes after I received the reply, I provided the requested PayPal transaction ID. But I have not heard (or read) a peep from anyone at WordPress. So I said in my last missive, sent over a hour ago:


In your last note to me you said, “In order to regain access to your account, we’ll need one of the following things:.”

One of them was: – A PayPal transaction ID for any upgrades purchased on the account:.

I sent that to you, but have not heard back. Is there a next step that I should be taking?

3. I believe I should have at least received an acknowledgement.

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Is Something Wrong at WordPress?

I have had two problems. First, I have been for all too long unable to gain access to my WordPress blog, After Aristotle ( Second, I have for days now not been able to get WordPress Support’s attention, not even an acknowledgement that I have submitted a request for help.

Thus this blog and thus its title.

I invite your comments and suggests, whether they bear on my blog or on yours.

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